The Nation’s First Real Estate Catalog

October 19, 2020
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Browse the nation’s first-ever real estate catalog to showcase dream country properties...

In 1925, Roscoe Chamberlain founded United Farm Agency with the mission of providing city dwellers a “roadmap to the country.” As a means of introducing country real estate for sale to potential city buyers in an age when travel was the only option for research, he created the nation’s first-ever real estate catalog to showcase these dream country properties.

That original 1928 edition of the United Farm Agency catalog is currently housed in the Smithsonian Institute. The company, today known as United Country Real Estate, continues the legacy of the United Farm catalog, which has remained in continuous publication since 1928. Two years ago, United Country celebrated the 80th anniversary of the famous catalog by recreating the original 1928 issue – and this month, we’re celebrating the 85 years of our company’s heritage.

As you flip through the 1928 edition, you’ll get a glimpse into the days when $1,500 could buy you 180 acres in rural Arkansas, two cows, 30 hens and a sow – tools and hay included.

While many things have changed since those days, the lure of small-town America and surrounding areas is alive and well, and United Country continues helping people realize the freedom of owning a piece of the American dream.

Do you remember reading – or dreaming – through United Country catalogs throughout the years?