Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

February 24, 2019
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Finding the right buyer that is looking to live the country lifestyle depends on location, timing, and price point.

Selling a country home can be harder than those in more urban areas. Finding the right buyer that is looking to live the country lifestyle depends on location, timing, and price point.

Many potential buyers looking at country properties will see a wide range of unique options: from century-old homes with plenty of charm and room to spare to newer built modern homes on just a few acres. Since country properties are usually few and far between it can make the process of house hunting a long and daunting day. Make sure that those who come out for a home showing remember your home with these ways to add curb appeal without breaking the budget.

Showcase the Lifestyle Potential buyers are looking for not only a great home to live in but a lifestyle to create. Things that seem ordinary in the life of those living in the country are subtle hints to the lifestyle that prospects are considering. Take that consideration into all of the little things within your day that is normal as a pair of muck boots by the back door and capture the heart of a potential buyer. Other things like staging hanging rocking chairs on the porch will not go unnoticed. Using what you already have on hand to showcase the country lifestyle is not only comfortable but also costs nothing.

Highlight Kid-Friendly Features Many country homes feature kid-friendly things that show just how good it is to raise kids in the country. Even if your kids or grand kids haven’t been at the property for a while, it is still a good idea to show potential buyers the areas of the home that could easily be adaptable to a growing family. Little things like hanging up a tire swing to a large tree can be just enough to pique the interest of a potential buyer. It doesn’t cost anything to find an old tire in the barn and add some rope with it to hint at the possibilities that your property holds.

Prepare the Entire Yard Landscaping is said to be one of the easiest ways to increase a home’s resale value. Urban homes usually only have a small area of land to work with that includes a limited front yard and landscaping. Country homes can feature not just the front and sides of the house but also all of the land that comes along with it. Make sure to spruce up all areas of the yard and acreage to show buyers what the asking price includes. In the spring, summer, and fall–make sure to keep the lawn mowed and weeds pulled around walkways to show off the property. Mend fences and muck out the animal areas as well. It will take many weeks to get the property up to speed but the time and energy put into making the land pristine will help in selling the total overall package of country life.

Go Big on Charm Potential home buyers looking to purchase a country home want to see all of the country decorations and extras that life in the country will bring. Make sure to include items like stars, American flags, and plenty of rustic decorations in to order to add charm to the entire experience. A few well-placed pots of seasonal flowers, as well as a perfectly landscaped area around the home, will help in pulling together the idea of living in the country. Recycle old flower pots by adding a fresh coat of paints, even if you don't have potted flowers. Purchase some newly sprouted flowers from town you’ll have a warm welcome ready to anyone touring your home.

Clean Up Cobwebs Country homes are known for having a few more critters around than other homes in the city. Make sure that your home is in top condition when putting it on the market by putting in some elbow grease around the home. Clear away cobwebs that have developed overnight as well as sweep the main walkways and porches around the house. Giving your windows a quick clean will also help in showcasing your home despite the dirt and mud that can quickly appear. Those purchasing a country home want all of the perks of being in the country but don’t want to be reminded of the dirt that can come along with it. There are many things that you can do to a country home to quickly add curb appeal without costing much money at all. Consider cleaning up the entire yard as well as clearing cobwebs and dirt from windows and eaves.

Highlighting those areas of your home that would be great for kids as well as including the country charm of rustic decorations are iconic ways to endear someone to your home. Finally, show the lifestyle that country living has to offer to impress potential buyers with all that your country home has to offer. Consider all of these budget-friendly ways to boost the curb appeal of your country home to sell it quickly.  

Guest blogger information: Emma Bishop is a lifestyle and design writer, and mother of two beautiful girls. She is a social butterfly and loves to entertain guests at home with beautifully decorated spaces for any occasion.