Living in the Country Provides Ultimate Social Distancing from Pandemic

April 20, 2020
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With the call for “social distancing,” living in the country provides multiple benefits.

In light of the Coronavirus concerns sweeping the country, everyone’s health is of utmost priority. The anxiety that many people are facing is causing an uptick in searches for rural and small town real estate for sale.

With the call for “social distancing,” living in the country provides just that and people are noticing. The Los Angeles Times recently reported many Californians are migrating to the deserts and mountains to prevent being exposed to any health hazards or toxins.

The facts highlight the benefits of country living. It offers a peaceful lifestyle and can reduce your stress level by double digits. The risk for anxiety is 21 percent lower and mood disorders are 39 percent lower in rural areas compared to their urban counterparts. Ridding yourself from other stressors found in the city like pollution, traffic, noise, congestion and more can increase your mood and reduce depression. These all have a very positive impact on your overall well-being, health and your immune system.

With the grocery store shelves bare across the nation, having your own supply of food readily available is more beneficial than ever. That’s where having a property in the country can help. Those with more land in rural areas have their gardens, greenhouses and hunted game for fresh food at all times.

If you’re a survivalist or just desire to live “off-the-grid,” the country is where you can find properties that are self-sustainable. In addition to food sources, some “survival properties” have innovative off-grid power sources like solar, wind, battery and self-contained fuel to allow you to live on your own for months at a time.

If you’re looking for the benefits of a country lifestyle or just a weekend get away from the crowds and stress of urban living, United Country Real Estate agents, brokers and auctioneers can help you find your dream property in the country, rural areas, small cities and mid-sized towns across the nation. To “Find Your Freedom©” call 800-444-5044 or visit the United Country website at where you can find properties by property type, location, acreage or keyword(s).