Specialty Property Group Programs Offer Unmatched Exposure for Buyers and Sellers

September 27, 2016
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When selling or buying real estate, sellers and buyers are often only interested in the specific type of real estate they own or want to buy...

Selling and buying properties aren’t easy tasks. It’s even more difficult if you are trying to do it alone.  That’s where having the right real estate agent comes in. Agents can make the process of buying or selling go a lot smoother and usually have some valuable experience to assist in the negotiating and appraisal process. The tools and resources provided by an agent will help keep your stress level at ease.

This is why United Country Real Estate continues to add more tools to the tool belt of our brokers, agents and auctioneers. Our latest addition includes more than 30 highly-ranked websites during the last year. These websites, known internally as specialty property groups, focus on niche marketing and listings that fit into a particular property type.

These highly-ranked websites achieve page-one results on almost all national, regional and local searches. The sites assist sellers who want to be able to promote their unique properties to targeted buyers and to help buyers who are only interested in a specific type of real estate find their dream property. “When selling or buying real estate, sellers and buyers are often only interested in the specific type of real estate they own or want to buy,” said Mike Duffy, president of United Country Real Estate. “For example, the owner of a farm who wants to sell their farm is only interested in real estate tools that can help him achieve his specific farm sale.  He is not interested in residential marketing ideas and programs, only targeted, farm marketing tools to find a farm buyer.  Similarly, a buyer looking for farms for sale is not interested in sorting through thousands of homes, commercial properties and other non-farm real estate.”

The websites and marketing tools have launched for the following:

Each website has thousands of nationwide listings, sortable based on geo-location and price. United Country agents are also equipped with niche marketing tools to help explain the benefit of listing with a United Country agent, as well as a private buyer database of 650,000 buyers broken out by property type and/or location. “We have broken small city, country, land and lifestyle real estate into over 30 specific property types.  United Country has built marketing programs to support each property group, targeting very specific buyers.  This benefits both the seller and buyer of the specific property type as they more efficiently connect targeted property to the right buyer, and the buyers can narrow down thousands of properties for sale in country and lifestyle markets across the nation,” said Duffy.

If you’re ready to utilize some of these unique tools to sell or purchase you’re next property, visit www.UnitedCountrySPG.com.  United Country Real Estate is the leading, fully integrated network of conventional and auction real estate professionals in the nation. To learn more about United Country, visit www.UnitedCountry.com.