Turning Your Land into a Hunter’s Paradise

September 07, 2016
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Whether you want to hunt deer, turkey, duck or other wildlife, your land means nothing it if isn’t cared for and properly managed.

Turning Your Land into a Hunter’s Paradise

There is a lot you can do with quality land. Even though it may take a little time, owning even a small piece of land and putting in a little effort can make all of your hunting dreams become a reality. Whether you want to hunt deer, turkey, duck or other wildlife, your land means nothing it if isn’t cared for and properly managed. Having land that is well maintained will attract more quality wildlife.

Below, we break down some things you can do to turn your own land into a hunter’s paradise.

  • Cut paths in your land to make sure game has a path to comfortably walk throughout your land. Don’t over-cut, but make sure there’s enough room to move freely.
  • Have long-term food sources available. Incorporate food plots that work in your area to make sure there is food year-round. For example, deer gravitate toward foods like acorns and fruits. While not necessary, having a water source on your land will make your land even more attractive for potential game.
  • Have some kind of construction on your land. You may only need a stand or blind or you may want a small cabin to stay in during the season. Remember, the more disturbance to the area, the more you scare off any wildlife so this should be a calculated decision.
  • Acquire a hunting permit and license. It may sound silly to mention, but before setting foot in the woods to hunt, make sure you get your license and permit. Hunting is regulated at a state level and will vary from state-to-state. The good news is that the money you spend on obtaining your license is put back into conservation of wildlife and their habitats.
  • Ask for help if you need it. Contact your state wildlife agency or non-profit organizations like Ducks Unlimited or Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation that provide assistance for private land owners to help manage their land for wildlife.

Although hunting seasons happen largely in the fall season, maintaining your land for wildlife is a year-round job. From planting and fertilizing in the spring to prescribing burns in the winter, owning hunting land comes with responsibilities. Be respectful, but enjoy your land. Hunt often, but don’t overhunt. Most of all, have fun.

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