Use an Auctioneer at Your Next Charity Event

January 20, 2018
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Auctions create urgency, excitement and competition to all involved, making it easier to maximize results.

There are many ways that you can raise funding to support your local community. Auctions are one of the best and most effective ways to accomplish that mission. Auctions create urgency, excitement and competition to all involved, making it easier to maximize results.

Auctioneers across the country donate their time and talent to help nonprofit and charitable organizations raise money every day. There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to use a professional auctioneer to help raise funds for your cause. Professional auctioneers trained in the benefit auction profession will offer consulting services, which can be more valuable than the actual bid calling itself. Auctioneers who fully understand the fundraising process and how to appropriately structure the event will substantially net the client more revenue and value.

Additionally, knowing how to present auction items to attendees while understanding the psychology of why and how people bid at an auction can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful charity auction event. Leading organizations that know how to drive revenue and maximize their sales goals during a fundraising event understand that they will cost themselves money by not hiring a professionally trained benefit auctioneer.

Shawn Terrel, president of United Country Real Estate’s Auction Services division, said that their auctioneers have raised more than $19 million in the past three years for charitable organizations. He said the auctioneers are dedicated to continuing to help causes that are important to them. “As professional auctioneers, we have a firm understanding that many nonprofit organizations depend on the funding and resources derived from auctions to execute their mission and purpose,” said Terrel. “

We have numerous United Country auctioneers across the country which have banded together and made it their personal mission to support various charitable organizations and causes. They donate their time and talent to raise funds for important causes related to medical cures for illness, proper education, or the prevention of abuse, just to name a few. We are very grateful to work with a professional group of auctioneers like this who continually reach tremendous results in the benefit auction business.”

If you’re in need of a professional auctioneer for your next event, or if you have a piece of property or real estate you’d like to sell quickly, find an auction professional near you. United Country Auction Services is the leading integrated network of conventional and auction real estate professionals across the country that specializes in real estate, personal property and equipment auction sales.

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